Rockliff Cemetery
5384 Viola Rd.
McMinnville, Tennessee

GPS     35 35' 38"     -85 49' 05"


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Allen, James E.
Allen, Kenneth C.
Allen, Naomi R.
Allen, Rachel Diane
Andrews, Dana E.
Bond, Johnnie W.
Bond, Trixie
Brock, Eloise Russell
Brock, Rasburn     (MIL)
Burton, Betty Lou Ashburn
Burton, Jackie R. (Jack)
Emery, Dorothy
Emery, Paul   
Emery, Paul Gary
Hayes, Olon Potter     (MIL)
Hayes, Virginia J.
Hollis, Marian Mullis
Hollis, Sterling Alex Sr.     (MIL)
Nelson, Bob
Nelson, Donna Gail Fann
Peery, C. Blanche Baker
Peery, Willie Mayhew
Simpson, Delbert Wayne     (MIL)
Simpson, Irene Womack
Walker, Carl Nathan
Walker, Frankie Carolyn


The information displayed on this page is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery.
Photographs were taken of tombstones and funeral home markers existing on the day I visited the cemetery.  Some tombstones and/or markers were possibly missed in the photographing.  Some tombstones and/or markers were not photographed because they were totally illegible. 
Detailed information for these cemeteries may be found in Warren County, Tennessee Cemetery Books 1 - 4. by Mrs. Almetia Cunningham and Mrs. Martha Holt, compiled and edited by Mrs. Betty M. Majors.

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